The mission of Sutech School of Vocational and Technical Training is to provide access to quality, affordable education, so that students can obtain workforce preparation and opportunities for professional and personal enrichment.  Beginning with a commitment to excellence in education, the college focuses on each individual student, and strives to provide training programs that foster and support the social and economic development of its culturally diverse community.


The objective of Sutech School of Vocational and Technical Training is to provide students with basic, entry level knowledge and skills required by businesses, companies and job agencies within the region of Los Angeles, CA.  The education is intended for adults, high school graduates and non high graduates who are of compulsory age and can pass an approved “ability to benefit” exam.  All programs of study consist of a blend of theoretical and practical training, which include "hands on” laboratory simulations with materials and actual scenarios of the typical industry job assignments.  This specific blend of training offers students valuable pre-employment experience.  Each graduate will be prepared to enter the workforce and utilize their training to perform their new job assignments and may also experience opportunities for career advancement due to enhanced skills obtained from their training.