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Sutech was founded in 1986 to provide vocational and technical training and education in lathe machine and numeric control technology. In July 1990, Sutech opened its first Branch in Anaheim, California. In 1996, based on a market research, Sutech opened up its course in Microcomputer Applications and Microcomputer Technician to fulfill the market’s high demand in these fields. By 1997 the school improves its facilities to better accommodate the students. In December 1997 approved for the Light Mechanic, Upholstery, Building Maintenance, Welder, Fashion Design, and Medical Assistant courses was received. In June 2002 Sutech opened its first satellite in the Panorama City and the Child Care Provider course was approved at that time.

Sutech School of Vocational and Technical Training located at 3455 E. Olympic Blvd Los Angeles, Ca 90023, is a private institution that has been approved to operate by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education. Approval means that the institution is in compliance with the California Private Postsecondary Act of 2009. The educational programs offered by the school are not accredited by an accrediting agency recognized by the United States Department of Education. Any student enrolled in an unaccredited institution is not eligible for federal financial aid.

All class sessions are held at 3455 E. Olympic Blvd Los Angeles, Ca 90023 which is a campus that consists of four classrooms, two simulation labs, three workshops, a large workshop area, a student resource center and three restrooms. The campus is a single story building with an occupancy capacity of approximately 135 students at any one time, and provides Wi-Fi connectivity, desktop computers, medical simulation laboratory equipment and building maintenance power tools and various hand tools, . Student parking is in the front of the campus and is free to all students and guests of the school. The campus and parking combined are approximately 12,000 square feet.

Prospective students are encouraged to visit the school and to discuss personal educational and occupational plans with school personnel. All prospective students will also be given a catalog, a brochure that is specific to their program of interest and School Performance Fact Sheet prior to enrolling or signing an enrollment agreement. Persons seeking to resolve problems or complaints should first contact the instructor in charge. If a student chooses to file a written complaint, the school will provide the student with a written response within ten days of receiving the complaint. Requests for further action may be made to the President, Felix Montero during regular business hours.

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